We believe that the transformation of souls, families & communities is rooted in the decision to follow Jesus first. In a year that carried grief, hardship, and uncertainty like no other, we got to see 670 people choose to dedicate their lives to the one who brings joy, healing, and victory.

With the launch of 12Stone Home, we saw people declaring their faith in Jesus publicly through baptism outside of the church walls like never before. We had college students baptized in the bed of a truck along with friends & family baptized in pools, jacuzzis, rivers, and lakes. We even got to see multiple baptisms in the parking lot of a motel in Snellville!

With PPE gowns being one of the greatest needs in the Gwinnett area during the initial peak of the pandemic, we repurposed our physical locations to create space for volunteers and ministry staff to social distance while hand-making thousands of PPE gowns for the incredible medical staff on the front lines fighting COVID-19.

For the 2020 Christmas season, 12Stone family came together and provided pajamas for over 80% of kids in the foster care system in the state of Georgia! Through our partnership with Jambos, every pair of pajamas was personally boxed and included scriptures of comfort that each child received during Christmas.

We were able to team up with over 35 local organizations to impact the greatest needs of our community. Through partners like GCPS, Street Grace, Eagle Ranch, One Race, Habitat for Humanity, Bearings Bike Works, Gwinnett Food Co-ops, and so many more — your generosity built homes, provided tools for digital learning, fought racism, educated children in need, fed families, fought sex trafficking, and so much more.

We were able to team up with over 10 global organizations like Equip, 410 Bridge, World Hope International, and Medical Missions Ministry. Through your generosity, new pastors were trained and sent to share the gospel, tools for better education were made accessible, clean water wells were built, food was provided in crisis, and so much more.

With the convenience and safety of digital tools such as voice & video calls, we were able to intentionally connect and pray with the families of 12Stone during unprecedented times. While it was a priority to social distance, it was never a priority to maintain relational distance.

Re-engage is a 26-week course where married couples invest in refining or restoring their marriage through practical & Jesus-centered guidance. In a year where families spent significantly more time together than before, 208 couples made a massive commitment to transform their marriage to be better than ever.

The church isn’t a building; it’s a people! Through our incredible 12Stone community, thousands of hours were invested in pouring into the next generation of students, building homes, refurbishing tech for digital learning, leading marriages through Re-Engage, making PPE equipment for medical staff, launching and leading home gatherings, and so much more.

2020 was a year where we were able to reach more people than ever before, sharing the good news of Jesus thanks to digital technology! Through resources like podcasts, YouTube, social media, and — hundreds of thousands of hours were spent engaging in meaningful worship, praying together in chatrooms, and learning powerful truths in new teachings.

With education quickly shifting towards digital learning due to the global pandemic, hundreds of students were left ill-equipped to receive the education they needed. Through your generosity, over 1,100 technology devices like laptops, computers, and iPads were donated, refurbished, and redistributed back to those students in need to fully engage in their education!

What was assumed to be the stepping stone back to physical locations became a cornerstone to ministry beyond the church's walls. In 2020, 12Stone Home became a fully developed & fully resourced opportunity for leaders like you to be trained and pastor your own gatherings right in your homes, local parks, pubs, and anywhere else you can gather. Through 12Stone Home, the gospel is expanding more quickly and deeper than ever before.

While 2020 wasn’t the year for physical gatherings, it was the year for digital connections! Out of one million-plus people who connected with 12Stone via our website or YouTube channel, over 400,000 of those people were first-time digital guests! Through digital connection, people were able to find the teachings and resources they needed for spiritual growth, marriages, leadership development, and so much more.

With a series of new original songs such as “Your Kingdom,” “Jesus My Victory,” and “This Is Your House” — 12Stone Worship equipped people and churches around the world to step into the presence of God from anywhere at any time. Through thousands of streamed hours of worship together, God has used these songs tremendously through our church in person and in homes.

As a church rooted in prayer, we are not a praying church unless we are a praying people. To that commitment and honor of knowing the power of prayer, we kicked off 2020 with 21 Days of Prayer. We continued gathering every single Saturday morning to pray and wrapped up the year with 50 Days of Prayer. The accumulated hours of our people coming together to pray are almost four years in prayer. What a mighty move of God!

With 2020 commemorating the launch of 12Stone Home, it also celebrates the launch of Growth Track! More than ever, a growing need to find a simple way to get connected to the local church rose to the surface. With that came the creation of Growth Track. Over 175 people went through it for the first time and went on to volunteer, lead groups, and find community.